Rick and Anne Hyde


I wanted to write you a letter to express how Anne and I appreciate the amazing support you provided in meeting our real estate needs.
We have made real estate sales and purchases before in our lives and generally we went with the first agent we dealt with this time however we decided to interview three agents. After meeting with you we felt extremely comfortable and confident as you were direct,honest,and decisive all while showing a genuine interest in helping us fulfill our goal of selling high and buying low and you did exactly that.
First the sale, you helped us chose the best time to market our house and informed us of what repairs and changes we needed to do to maximize the appeal of our house and not more than we needed to spend then you staged it spectacularly enough that we fell in love with it again. When we received offers it was your guidance and flexibility that got the deal done.
Second the purchase, this was harder and trickery as Anne had a very limited area that she wanted to purchase in so the children wouldn't change schools and even though you knew we would purchase in that area you were always available and pleasantly showed us houses not in her specific area. When we started to get nervous about being able to get the right home you calmed our nerves and assured us it would happen and it did through your dedication and hard work we got the house we wanted where we wanted and for what we wanted to pay no easy task is in this blazing hot market were houses receive multiple offers and often go way over asking so much so that the entire country is talking about.
B J Roth realty should feel truly blessed that someone with your integrity and customer service skills represents they're name as they're are few we met that could represent a company better.  You have made our plans come to fruition and have made loyal clients of Anne and I for life and we will never use or recommend anyone else to colleagues,friends,or family.
Our hope is that Mr. Roth and future clients read this and see what an amazing agent you are and that they would be hard pressed to find anyone better.
Thanks again  for everything.

Melissa, Rob, Aidan & Ayla

What can I say???  Trisha and Tim were absolutely the most wonderful people to work with.  Not only were they extremely knowledgeable, but they were at our beckon call!!  When selling your home is known as one of the most stressful situations in life; we couldn't have enjoyed this experience more.  If it weren't for this fabulous team, our stress level would've gotten the better of us!  If they work this well in their profession, can you imagine how well they work as a couple?

You're both AMAZING!!  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!  We couldn't have done it without you!

All the best,

Scott Bianchin
When I first listed my house, I knew Trisha was different from other agents I had used in the past. She was very diligent in her research of the local market and came well prepared with a detailed plan to help sell my property. I sincerely appreciated the fact that even though my property was entry level, I still felt that I was being treated like a million dollar client. Trisha really goes the extra mile in an effort to get the job done. She delivered on everything she said she would, and we couldn't be happier with her services. I would highly recommend Trisha to anyone!


Thank you Trisha for everything, it was an absolute pleasure dealing with you and I look forward to the purchase of or next home.

Sincere regards

Angel Prescott-Brown | April 2013
Associate Director, Corporate HR for BCE

I have bought and sold several houses in the past 9 years. I have sold a few privately but have used several real estate agents in the Peterborough, Kingston, Shelburne, and Barrie area. Trish and Tim exceeded our expectations and created the best selling and buying experience to date for myself and my family. They were attentive to our needs, responsive and accessible at all times, and proactively anticipated our questions throughout the process. Trisha is a very genuine person, intelligent and very in tune to the real estate market in Barrie. Tim is a subject matter expert on building codes and home construction, and we found their combined real estate intelligence cannot be matched. Their extensive marketing capabilities ensured our home was sold in a very fast and efficient manner. We have recommend Trisha and Tim to several of our friends and colleagues and will continue to do so as they are, by far, the best in their professional field.

Earl & Diana Duffy | May 1, 2012
Dear Trisha:
First of all, thank you from the bottom of are hearts for everything you did for us.
In the last months of 2011, we made the decision to move from Pain Court (population 1,200 – near Chatham Ontario) where we had lived for about five years since leaving the G.T.A. in 2008.   While such decisions are relatively easy to make, they are certainly more intricate to plan and carry out.
In September of 2011, we came to know Trisha Bowman of Century 21 and quickly enlisted her professional skills to search/find our desired home in the Barrie market. It was a fortunate decision on our part and resulted in us purchasing a perfect home for us.
Since Pain Court and Barrie are approximately three hundred miles apart, most of the search was conducted and vetted by Trisha Bowman. Her search efforts and prompt communication skills were outstanding, even the week Trisha was on vacation, far from Barrie and Canada.
We would like to thank Trisha for an excellent job in finding us the ideal home. Not only is she extremely professional, knowledgeable and helpful, but has a wonderful and engaging style and manner.
Trisha is a “Consummate Professional” and we are more than delighted with our real estate move to Barrie. Through this process we now consider her as our friend and not just our Realtor. Thank you Trisha!
Yours truly
Earl & Diana Duffy
Suzanne & Michael McCowan | January 26, 2012

We have had the experience of working with Trisha Bowman for several months, we had a high priced home that was for a specific buyer and we knew we would have to bide our time until that right buyer came along, Trisha never pushed us to adjust our price or to take a deal that wasn't right and when that right buyer came along Trisha worked with the other agent to get us the best price/deal for both parties. She is friendly, knowledgeable in the market and truly takes the time to get to know her clients and their needs. This is not the first house we have sold, so we have dealt with other agents in the past and have not had the dedication like Trisha shows her clients, even when she had multiple listings/clients, she juggled everybody like a pro, even with a young family at home to manage as well. Trisha's dedication to getting us the "right" house was second to none, she went through a difficult purchase with us and read the sellers intentions bang on, even though they were less than professional and chose to sell their house privately. We would definitely recommend Trisha to anybody looking to sell their home and will definitely utilize her services again should we sell in the future.

Lesley Vree and Brent Dyck
Trisha Bowman has been a fantastic real-estate agent for us! Throughout our whole selling and buying experience she was extremely helpful! Trisha came to our home and provided us with a non-pressured sales approach. She gave us great suggestions to prepare our home to go on the market. She used a professional photographer to take beautiful pictures of our home and presented it on her comprehensive website. Whenever we met she always made sure that she accommodated to our schedule so that we were never inconvenienced. If we ever had any questions she would respond to our email or phone calls within minutes.
When we put our house on the market Trisha came up with the right price to list our home at. As soon as Trisha started to advertise our house on her website, mls and in the newspaper, we were flooded with requests for showings. Trisha sold our house within days of listing it and she got over 99% of our asking price! It was Trisha’s advertising and negotiating skills that sold our house so quickly and so close to our asking price. 
When looking for a new home Trisha always made sure she was available even at a moment’s notice. She listened to what we were looking for and she automatically knew the type and style of house we wanted. 
Trisha made the selling of our house a stress free and enjoyable experience! We would highly recommend Trisha to be your real-estate agent!     

In the summer of 2009, I decided to make the move to Barrie. Having visited several times, I knew that’s where I wanted to make my home. I contacted two real estate agents through their listings and Trisha contacted me right away. This may have been one of the luckiest events of my life thus far. 

I informed her that I was from out-of-town and I needed to get a deal done fairly quickly due to travel and a very limited schedule. I immediately sent her some listings that looked appealing to me so we could get the ball rolling. From my list, she intuitively determined the things I was looking for and provided me with several more listings that would suit my needs. She also eliminated some of my picks that she felt would not be up to standard. 
I was immediately impressed with Trisha’s professionalism and level of organization. When it came time to look at houses, she prepared an itinerary and we were able to view about fifteen houses in the span of two days. Although I am fairly picky, I never got the feeling that I was inconveniencing her and at no time did she try to “sell” me on a house that wasn’t up to par. Through her knowledge of the market and the area, we were able to find a great house in a great neighborhood and she was able to negotiate a very reasonable deal. After the deal, Trisha took care of all the final details on my behalf and followed up religiously.
This all makes for a great story, but that’s not the end!! About six months after moving in, I was transferred by my company to another city and would have to move again. I called Trisha right away and she came through for me once more. I thought about selling the house, but she gave me some great advice and decided to list it as a rental property. Once again, I was absent through most of the process and Trisha took care of everything. She arranged to have my home professionally cleaned and photographed, she even mowed the lawns HERSELF before the first showings!! Throughout the process Trisha and the team at Prudential LeClair were phenomenal, always keeping me abreast of any developments with the house and offering advice and encouragement along the way. Trisha even went so far as to screen potential renters for me before selecting the family that eventually moved in.
As someone who runs a business for a living, I appreciate hard work, professionalism, and great service. Trisha exemplifies all of these qualities and more. Her unwavering dedication to her job and genuine caring for her clients is unquestionably what makes her so successful. I have already referred her to a friend and would not hesitate to refer her to anyone else. I am extremely lucky to have met her and now consider her a dear personal friend. If you are thinking about buying or selling a home in the Barrie area, do yourself a favour and call Trisha today!!
Mississauga, ON
Nancy Wilder

Hi Terry;

I just wanted to take the time to let you know how truly wonderful Trish Bowman is. This is my 2nd sale and purchase with her. She was very patient and understanding during one of the most difficult times in my life this year all while trying to sell my house. She went above and beyond the call of duty and found us the perfect house at the perfect price. I couldn't have done this with out her help. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking for an agent. I would certainly retain her again but I think I have found my dream home.


Nancy Wilder

Tammy Di Saverio

April 28, 2008

Dear Terry,

I’m writing to you to tell you about my experience working with Trisha Bowman. I find in today’s busy world people are often quick to speak up when they feel they’ve been wronged or received a substandard service or product; however, I don’t think as many people take the time to voice with the same vigor their positive experiences or when they feel they’ve received exceptional service.

I required the services of a real estate agent at a very upsetting and emotional time: I was recently separated. I met Trisha at a viewing I had scheduled at one of her own listed properties (I was not yet represented). I immediately liked her non-pushy, warm, relaxed and friendly approach. A few weeks later when I decided to start interviewing agents, I narrowed my search down to Trisha and another woman who came very highly recommended to me by a childhood friend.

Prior to the interview process, I had decided that this was a time to be as blunt and honest as possible about my expectations. I have a child diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder, and my day is driven both by his needs and his routines. During the interview process, I clearly spelled it out to both candidates that my primary focus was to find the best new house for me to start my life over with my son, that I would be looking at private-for-sale properties, that I could not do showings at times which would interfere with my son’s established routines, and that I could not have a sign on the lawn as it would cause him immeasurable anxiety. I wanted to be kept in the loop as much as possible about anything going on with my property, and I expected to have my communications returned quickly. Trisha did not bat an eye at any of my expectations.

After deciding to hire Trisha, she immediately set about showing me why I made the right choice. Trisha knew that my stress and anxiety about the buying and selling process would be alleviated by being constantly kept informed on what was going on with my property. I must have apologized a hundred times for being such a pain in her butt and for being so high maintenance, and Trisha was always beyond gracious. She
never once made me feel badly for calling or e-mailing her, even when I know I was being a pain in her butt! And she immediately informed me of any changes or progress with my property.

Trisha also never put any pressure on me to accept offers with closing dates that would have displaced my son & I. She understood completely that that moving twice would be too much upheaval for my son to handle. She constantly reassured me that my property would sell for a good price with a closing date acceptable to me. As a parent of an autistic child going through a separation and the buying and selling process, Trisha’s understanding, reassurance, kindness and no-pressure approach was so appreciated.

When I found a private-for-sale property that I really liked, Trisha came to see it with me, gave me her opinion on it and helped me draft an offer to purchase (which was subsequently declined). And I’m SO glad it was declined, because days later Trisha found the perfect little house for my son and I to start our new life over in. It is perfect for us in every way, and I couldn’t be more excited or pleased.

The reason this letter is so long and detailed is because I’m hoping to impress upon you what a fantastic member of your team Trisha is. She represents Leclair Realty with integrity, warmth and class, and you are very fortunate to have her.

Yours truly,

Tammy Di Saverio

Duane & Jeanette Boosamra

What can we say about Trish Bowman? There is a lot but I don't want to clobber her website with a ten page essay! Let me begin by saying that in February of 2007, as I was getting ready to retire from the Armed Forces, my wife and I began looking for houses in the Barrie area. We had lived there before and would return, as I had to relocate for my new employment.
We searched the internet and found several houses that we were interested in. Trish listed one of the houses we really liked and so we called her right away. Trish was very prompt to return our call and a date was set for a week long house hunting venture in April. As it happened within days of that call, the house we liked would be sold before we could see it. Not to be defeated, Trish had not only all the houses that we liked lined up to see, but also several others.
After our first meeting, I knew that not only was she a true professional but she really enjoyed her job and cared about her client's needs and desires. After viewing only a few homes with Trish, she was able to quickly determine exactly what we were looking for and was not shy to eliminate some of the ones we thought we would like from what we saw on the internet even though they were her own listings!
So, we found the perfect house with all that we were looking for in a great neighbourhood. Not only did Trish find us that house, but as I had to return to Alberta to my duties, she continued to act on our behalf by arranging and attending the home inspection, constantly calling and emailing progress updates on the deal as we negotiated. Trish even hired an engineer to address one of the concerns of the inspector. This involved many hours of additional work and effort on her part and all the while, getting ready to give birth to her first baby!
Well, the deal went through and we moved to Barrie and into our new home. Trish was there when we arrived and began settling in and welcomed us. She even bought a new window valued at nearly $500.00 that the previous owner had broken as they moved out of the house!
Now that the business relationship has concluded, Trish has visited several times to check up on us and we have met her beautiful baby girl, Mackenzie. My wife and I can't help but feel that if Trish is so dedicated to her clients, she must also be a great and loyal friend! We definitely hope to continue to see Trish and her family on a less formal basis to confirm these suspicions!
Thanks for everything Trish. You are definitely the best Realtor we have ever worked with…and there have been many!

Duane & Jeanette Boosamra
Barrie, ON

Tracey and Jason McCullough

Trisha Bowman made our Buying and Selling of a home a really enjoyable experience. She understood exactly what we wanted for our family to live in and helped us to find a home we are so pleased with!
Anyone selling a home knows how stressful it can be. Trisha had great confidence that our house would sell and with her excellent knowledge of the market she knew exactly how to price our house appropriately and it sold in less than three weeks for the asking price. Trisha answered all of our questions and was by our side through the entire adventure, whether it was just always answering the phone when we called or being able to show us a house as soon as possible. We felt like we were Trisha’s #1 priority and now we couldn’t be happier.
We recommend Trisha to anyone and everyone Buying or Selling. Thank you so much Trisha!


The McCullough Family

Trevor Lambe

I first met Trish when I saw a house I liked on the internet and wanted to view it. I called Trish and set up the appointment as she was the listing agent...right away we hit it off. Trish was honest and very helpful with all my questions, as a first time buyer I had many. Trish took me through 10 different houses before I found the one I liked. Trish was able to get my house for thousands less then the asking price. Again, Trish was there to help me through the process after the offer was put through. Trish called me almost everyday to give me updates, she even recommended a great mortgage broker as well as a lawyer. Trish has far exceeded my expectations as a realtor and has also become a great friend. I would recommend Trish to anyone who wishes a pleasant home buying experience! Thanks Trish for making everything happen.

Your friend Trevor.