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Apr 7

Renovation Update - Week 1 & 2

Blog posted by Trisha Bowman  ::  Views (6683)
Demo is complete, moving on... We have now replaced all the baseboard and trim in the house, installed some new doors, trimmed out a pillar on the main floor and installed panel molding on the box in the kids bedroom (not sure how else to describe the “box”). After the trim... [ more ]
Apr 6

Our Latest Renovation Project

Blog posted by Trisha Bowman  ::  Views (8443)  ::  (1 comments)
  We recently purchased an investment property which we plan to completely renovate top to bottom, inside and out, while on a very strict budget. I will be documenting this process from start to finish so you can get an idea of what areas to focus on if you choose to flip a... [ more ]
Feb 17

Vancouver Olympics!

Blog posted by Trisha Bowman  ::  Views (7097)
Wanna keep updated on the 2010 Olympics? Click here to read schedules, news, see videos and photos of the 2010 Olympics so far!     [ more ]
Feb 13

Valentine's Day Ideas...

Blog posted by Trisha Bowman  ::  Views (41242)
Still looking for Valentine's Day ideas? Some cool tips to make it great! Are you still looking through Valentine's Day gifts and ideas? Well its about time that you find the perfect gift for your beloved and make arrangements to celebrate the day.Here are some Valentine's Day tips and... [ more ]
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