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May 8

Recent Fixer-Upper

Blog posted by Trisha Bowman  ::  Views (13118)
Another renovation project under our belt!  And what a learning experience this was.  One problem after another, solved without trouble by my hardworking hubby.  Tim - Engineer/Contractor extraordinaire!  This wasn't an easy fix, a... [ more ]
Aug 13

What Factors Affect Home Insurance Costs?

Blog posted by Trisha Bowman  ::  Views (5202)
If you purchase a home or rental property, the following items will impact your home insurance premiums.  Uncover these points before you make the investment. Factor them in to the purchase price and budget. * Age of the property:  The newer the... [ more ]
Aug 13

Water Damamge in your Home - Is It Covered??

Blog posted by Trisha Bowman  ::  Views (15053)
Article C/O Larry Hoover and Huronia Insurance Group Water damage is the primary cause of damage to homes in Canada - and growing. A "flood" can be caused by: Spring run-off, melting snow, an overflowing river, lake, stream or swimming pool. ... [ more ]
Feb 26

Vacation Security Tips for Your Home

Blog posted by Trisha Bowman  ::  Views (6816)
  Planning to go away for March break with the family? Here are ten important tips for protecting your home against break-ins while you’re away.... [ more ]
Jan 10

Interesting and Simple ways to decorate with Wallpaper

Blog posted by Trisha Bowman  ::  Views (16608)
A great way to add flare to your home is to introduce splashes of wallpaper...below are a few ways to do it.  I've included pictures below to demonstrate these ideas.  Go to for more decorating tips and ideas. Closets A closet backed... [ more ]
Oct 31

Halloween Safety Tips

Blog posted by Trisha Bowman  ::  Views (7396)
As Halloween Night quickly approaches it wouldn't hurt to review a few basic Safety Rules with your kiddies.  I've attached a pamphlet from the Barrie Police Website that is very imformative and can be printed off and conveniently shared. The Halloween... [ more ]
Sep 30

What time can I move in on Closing Day?

Blog posted by Trisha Bowman  ::  Views (6391)
The time you are able to move your things into the new house depends on what time the deal “closes”.  A closing is completed when money has changed hands and the property is registered in your name. After these two things have happened your lawyer... [ more ]
Sep 30

Title Insurance - What it Covers & Why it's Necessary

Blog posted by Trisha Bowman  ::  Views (7252)
When you purchase real estate, it is crucial that you obtain a property with clear ownership or “good title.” Title insurance can assist in ensuring that the quality of the legal title that you are purchasing is unproblematic thereby giving you peace of... [ more ]
Sep 27

Friday Harbour - Big Bay Point Resort

Blog posted by Trisha Bowman  ::  Views (7175)
Friday Harbour -!the_boardwalk North America's largest new resort community...located on the shores of Lake Simcoe at Big Bay Point.  "Cottage Living - Re-Invented"…combining cottage charm with urban... [ more ]
Apr 23

10 Home Value Boosters

Blog posted by Trisha Bowman  ::  Views (21521)
I have attached a link with the top 10 ways to increase your homes value.  If you're thinking of listing your home, or simply just want to know what renovations will provide you the best pay back, this is a great article brought to you by the National... [ more ]
Mar 27

14 Year Old Buys A Home!!

Blog posted by Trisha Bowman  ::  Views (8162)
Thought this clip may be inspiring to some.  A 14 year old girl saved enough money from selling recycled items on craigslist, to purchase her first home.  She now rents it out at a monthly profit of $700.  A great example of how to get ahead in a... [ more ]
Feb 17

Things to do on Family Day - 2012

Blog posted by Trisha Bowman  ::  Views (9103)  ::  (3 comments)
If you haven't already got plans for Family Day, below are a couple links with great ideas for Barrie and Innisfil residents.  I also included a link to the Weather Network to help with your planning.  Barrie... [ more ]
Jan 18

Renovation Project - Final Pictures

Blog posted by Trisha Bowman  ::  Views (7007)
Sorry it took so long to post these final pictures of our renovation.  We finished the house last May and sold it to a friend that came through the house the night before we planned to list it.  We were very happy with how it worked out and... [ more ]
Apr 28

Week 5 - Renovation Project

Blog posted by Trisha Bowman  ::  Views (9259)  ::  (2 comments)
Week 5 has mostly been spent renovating the exterior. We installed an interlock driveway and front step, painted the garage door, window and front door, replaced all the exterior lights, raked the front and back yard and cleaned up ALL the garbage from around... [ more ]
Apr 14

Renovation Update - Week 3 & 4

Blog posted by Trisha Bowman  ::  Views (9973)  ::  (2 comments)
Week 3 & 4 have been busy ones!  We completed the kitchen - doors, drawers and cabinet handles were installed and the counter tops arrived. I am extremely happy with the way it turned out! Both bathrooms are done now. Finishing touches such as... [ more ]
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